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“nothing you know is true, but it’s exactly the way things are”



– one that cooperates with another or others with the intention to produce an effect that increases the positive action and enhancement of another.
– a person who holds the doctrine of synergism.


Theology; the doctrine or belief that the human will cooperates with the  “All that is”  with divine grace, especially  in the act of spiritual healing and personal evolution.

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 Travel and Event Documentation Service

Your travel comfort is the goal.

At Synergist Explorations Inc. we are dedicated to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction with designing, planning and creating travel and event documentation solutions for our clients.

With the severe marketing disinformation, complete and accurate destination travel information is extremely hard to find.

Allow Synergist Explorations Inc. to personally be on location investigating, reporting, organizing and arranging enjoyable problem free travel.

Vision Statement

Synergist Explorations Inc. travels to, investigates, explores and documents the spiritual essence of sacred sites and places on planet earth. With the use of  journal editorial, photos and video.

This service has been created for you so you can relax in your restful retreat and or spiritual pilgrimage while the experience is recorded and documented. These services are available to individuals or groups, whether you’re on business, a spiritual event or your journey is simply for pleasure.

In special locations on earth, the local residents, their ceremonies, spiritual practices and events are of significant interest for personal evolution.

With proper permission, a version of the events will always be made available to all, especially those persons not able to travel such as the destitute. A portion of the profits raised from any and all sales will be returned to the residents at the location documented.

Synergist Explorations Inc. was created in 2009 with an intention to specifically focus on assisting with the exploration and interpretation of the unexplained of planet earth to create inspiration for experience.

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